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QRS 101

QRS 101 is a wellness device based on pemf (pulsed electromagnetic field) technology. It is the only magnetic field system that emits a completely homogeneous effective field over the entire body area. The technology is patented and providesnumerous health benefits at cellular level.

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Working Principle

QRS 101 works at very low frequencies that may include brain frequencies, frequency of nature, metabolic frequencies, etc. The patented exponential waveform shaped pulses of QRS 101 penetrates deep into the bodythat forces cellular ion channels to open. Ions of vitamins and nutrients surrounding cells enter inside. This causeschange in membrane potential which ultimately changes mitochondrial membrane potential. All these processes increase cellular voltage and energy. Poor cellular voltage is the main cause of most chronic diseases.


Cardiovascular Diseases

Wound Healing


Circulation Problems

Chronic Pain


Rheumatic Diseases


Tension Headaches

Enlarged Prostrate

Chronic Back Pain

Muscle Stiffness


For the following contraindications, the QRS® application shall be used only under medical supervision:



Massive Hypothyroidism

Very Severe Heart Rhythm Disturbances


Severe Hypo- and Hypertension

Typical Therapy Session

During a typical QRS® therapy session, the user often starts with an 8-to-16-minute session on the Mat at low intensities. This improves blood circulation and cell functioning. It also helps in normalizing heart beat and blood pressure. Often, after this session the therapy is continued with the Pillow Applicator wrapped on local pain spots (e.g., lower back, hip, shoulder, neck, knee, foot). This is mostly done at higher intensities.