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QRS or Quantron Resonance System is the world’s largest manufacturer of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy and Magnetic Stimulation therapy devices. QRS is magnetic or quantum medicine. Dr. E G Fischer during the nineties inventedthe Quantum Medicine. He founded the Prof. Dr. Fischer AG Institute For Quantum Medicine, and together with several experts such as Linus Pauling(two-time Nobel Prize winner) founded the Quantron Resonance System (QRS).

Prof. Dr Fischer AG Institute For Quantum Medicine

The Prof. Dr. Fischer AG Institute For Quantum Medicine located at Essanestrasse, Liechtenstein, has been researching and developing in the field of physical therapies and technologies for almost 30 years, especially in electrically generated magnetic fields of different intensities and frequencies.The inventions and the processes and products developed are primarily used in the areas of health, wellness and anti-aging.One of the best-known developments of Prof. Dr. Fischer AG Institute For Quantum Medicine is the low-intensity QRS magnetic field therapy. The QRS 101 Home System and QRS 310 Doctor System, which are known worldwide under the name "Quantum Resonance System", are considered to be scientifically proven with their numerous basic results and experimental studies.High-intensity magnetic field therapy devices like QRS 1010 Pelvicenter developed by Fischer AGInstitute For Quantum Medicineis the pioneer of this new and forward-looking technology.The Prof. Dr. Fischer AGInstitute For Quantum Medicine is currently working on new systems that will be used in the field of non-contact muscle stimulation using magnetic fields. A wide range of physiological and medical requirements can be covered with the new developments.From the beginning of the QRS history until today, the goal of Prof. Dr. Fischer AGInstitute For Quantum Medicineis to develop highly effective solutions and therapy methods for the treatment of chronic diseases.

QRS Headquarters

QRS International AGis headquartered at Ruggell in Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is located between Switzerland and Austria. It is a German-speaking country and one of the smallest countries of Europe.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses electromagnetic waves to restore cellular energy and help your body heal itself.Most studies employing PEMF have used frequencies of 6- 75 Hz and field strengths of 0.4- 2.3 milli Tesla (mT)

Repetitive Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation

Repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation (rPMS) describes a technique of non-invasive stimulation of nerves, muscles, spinal roots or even the autonomic nervous system: a coil positioned on the skin elicits high-frequency repetition of magnetic impulses.